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Cambelt / Timing Belt
A cambelt on a vehicles engine is driven by the crankshaft and controls the timing of the valves in relation to the pistons to ensure the fuel entry and exhaust exit are correctly timed so the engine runs at it's most efficient. If the cambelt fails (snaps/breaks) then the valves will not rotate whilst the crankshaft will continue to rotate, this leads to a high speed collision of the pistons into the valves which will ultimately bend the valves and possibly cause other damage (squashed piston rings, broken valve guides etc). Therefore the cambelt can be considered as a vital maintainance item, which requires changing at a pre-defined interval, miles travelled or time period, whichever comes first.

The cambelt can also drive other componants such as the water pump and it has it's own pulleys such as the tensioner and idler/s, when we undertake cambelt replacements we always recommend you also have these items changed to ensure your car is maintained to the highest standard.

Cooling systems are critical to prevent enginge damage through overheating, air-cooled systems require minimal maintainance but not as practical as water-cooled so they are less common. Water-cooled systems are used commonly in vehicles and requires periodic maintainance as well as well as repair when a part of the vast system fails.

Water-cooling also provides the source of the heat for the in car temperature control, as well as cooling oils from the engine and gearbox in some makes of vehicle.

Engine Management Diagnostics
Modern vehicles have ever increasing levels of computed technology to keep your engine running as cleanly and efficiently as possible, however as these systems become more complicated they also become harder to diagnose faults, most often only noticed due to a warning light. We use the complete Autodiagnos system as well as Land Rovers own T4 Testbook to ensure we are fully up-to-date when it comes to your engine management system.