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Name: Sally Read
Date:  15/09/2009
Website is looking good Paul. Well done!!

I think the garage is brilliant but I am a little biased :)
Name: Bev Preston
Date:  10/07/2009
We have traded with Binbrook Motors for 40 years - before Bob and Bill bought it in 1981 - and wouldn't trade anywhere else. Local loyalty pays major dividends!
Name: Bev Preston
Date:  10/07/2009
I didn't know about your web site until tonight! Most impressed!
Name: steve Horner
Date:  29/03/2009
Just getting back into Landrovering, my 1st call will be to yourselves, as previousley you where great for spares, advice etc.
Name: Paul Robinson
Date:  21/03/2009
Good site - tells you what you need to know
Name: D
Date:  16/03/2009
Keep up the good work paul.
Name: Paul J Georgeson
Date:  10/03/2009
Impressed speaking to Paul Elson (friend? of Graeme Bryan, today looking for a good second hand motor, will give you a visit
Name: Anonymous
Date:  01/01/2009
Happy New Year 2009 to the whole Binbrook Motors Crew
Name: Bob Read
Date:  25/10/2008
The guestbook seems to be working ok now.
Name: Paul Read
Date:  31/05/2008
First entry! Hope everybody likes the site, has been a lot of fun to make :)

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