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Name: tom hall
Date:  28/10/2013
Given your name as someone to speak to about defenders
Name: graham easthope
Date:  24/08/2013
Used a few times for spares, Paul really is the man. Will be using in the future for spares and repairs.
Name: rob andrew
Date:  11/06/2013
just wondered if you did landrover sales
Name: John David Brewer
Date:  15/07/2012
Hi Bob. Just found you on the web. Hope your'e keeping well. best regards John.
Name: Mike Keeton
Date:  04/05/2012
Have you got red diesel still... coming for some now. Yes, nice little garage, personal service.
Name: P.J.Preston (Auto-Electrician)
Date:  13/04/2012
Paul is a top guy , he's like the Gordon Ramsey of the motor trade , Will find him at King George giving it big un's on the 5-a side ...
Name: Brian Flanagan
Date:  29/02/2012
Great little garage. Good service and reliable.
Name: kate
Date:  21/02/2012
found what i wanted straight away. :O)
Name: Jon Pound
Date:  26/07/2011
Stonesy 43... my ass lol
Name: uncle bill
Date:  16/06/2011
Hi - managed to find this even though i'm in TX (Texas)!! I think you need to do a bit more to the text n pics - by the time they got here, they were a bit fuzzy.
Name: adrian cook
Date:  11/06/2011
looking for parts, and prices/availability.
websites ideal as always seem to need to know "out of hours"
Name: David Hebb
Date:  03/06/2011
Sorry about that, I didn't look far enough!

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